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Environmental Health Work

Environmental Health Work

The Centre for Marine Biodiversity wants to ensure the safety of marine biodiversity from an array of usually anthropogenic toxic substances. We believe that every product of human industrialization has effects on the health of not only humans but also other species.

The Industrial Revolution of the 18th century introduced countless novel products which in turn caused the release of numerous kinds of pollutants into the environment. While industrialization was not necessarily an evil development, it is careless and unsustainable industrialization that is the bane of modern civilization.

Such careless and unsustainable industrialization is usually driven by the greed of the few, allowing a lot to suffer needlessly. Pollutants, ranging from poisonous organic chemicals to heavy metals, affect the vulnerable population. This toxicity endangers the health of vulnerable populations such as the urban poor.

The pervasiveness of these chemicals means that they persist in the environment, affecting generations of people and non-human species. Sound research has found a wide variety of chemicals, many of which are toxic, in the blood of newborn human babies.

In response to that, we follow these methods:

  • Utilize sound science coupled with the latest data in order to prepare projects that would best shield the environment from the impact of these toxic chemicals
  • With the help of our established network of allies and supporters, present petitions and legal action under relevant local and international laws that could counter polluting practices to promote good environmental health
  • Advocate for more protected habitats for marine species
  • Utilize mass media to promote the good use of natural resources