Endangered Species

Biodiversity protection includes protecting all species, especially endangered ones. This is one of the core mantras of the center. Every species, from the tiniest amoeba to the largest whale, has a role to play in maintaining the balance of the marine ecosystem.

Therefore, the Centre for Marine Biodiversity is, among others, at the forefront in endangered species protection.

Global industrialization fuelled by rapid population growth has caused a lot of habitat destruction, pollution, and climate change. A lot of species have gone and are going extinct at an alarming rate. The center believes that the ecosystem must be sustained so as to support ecological systems and human life as well. The center aims to be an international player in the effort to support the preservation of numerous endangered species, especially marine species.

Here’s how the center contributes to protecting endangered species:

  • Coordinating with research institutes, universities, and government agencies to compile data and information about marine species’ status.
  • Proposing sound policies that will support the continued existence of endangered species.
  • Preparing legal petitions, filing lawsuits if forced to do so, using the leverage of our network and members in order to effectively give a voice to imperilled species.
  • Ensuring adequate amounts of critical habitat for marine species.
  • Lobbying government agencies to implement relevant laws for the protection of endangered species.
  • Strongly oppose any attempt by conservative lawmakers to water down or delist support to relevant laws such as the United States Endangered Species Act by using sound science to counter attempts to muddle the issue and favor industries that are anti-environmental in nature.
  • Protest any improper decisions that could further imperil endangered species of marine biodiversity —fighting for more areas for additional critical habitat protections for the benefit of countless species.
  • Using mass media to people like you informed about developments.