The Centre for Marine Biodiversity has many programs that volunteers can willingly join according to their favored program. The following are some of the general programs the center does in order to protect marine biodiversity:

Endangered Species Protection

Protect endangered species from harm and secure their survival.


Protect and conserve marine habitats subject to applicable local and international laws.


Protect global biodiversity where current UK and EU laws have the power to do so.

Population and Sustainability

Protect species and habitats by raising awareness about runaway human population growth and unsustainable consumption.

Environmental Health

Ensure the safety of marine biodiversity from an array of usually anthropogenic toxic substances. We believe that every by-product of human industrialization has effects on the health of not only humans but also other species.

Climate Law Institute

Climate change continues to affect our oceans too, threatening global biodiversity. We believe in propagating and supporting ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.