Our Story

The Centre for Marine Biodiversity is the fruit of the passionate and knowledgeable minds of Todd Gavin and Brian Howie.

As the Centre aims to fulfil its mantra, the centre embarked on an innovative plan, aggressively using the latest sound research on biodiversity, marine science, and intergovernmental laws involving marine biodiversity, among others. As our affiliates grew in number, we believe our efforts have helped in the promotion of protective measures such as petitions, lawsuits, policy advocacy, and outreach to media in the aim to protect hundreds of marine species.

Through this, the centre was able to systematically support, through research and data gathering, the Sea Fisheries Wildlife Conservation Act 1992 which aims to ensure the protection of marine animals, plants, and their habitats. As the years pass, the centre has expanded its scope, which now extends to the protection of marine biodiversity throughout the Pacific, Indian, and Atlantic oceans and international regions even as remote as the Arctic and Antarctic regions.

As the range grew, so does the need to have a lineup of dedicated staff, along with dozens of prominent environmental lawyers and scientists who work passionately on our programs to preserve biodiversity species and their respective ecosystems and habitats.

As the fight is now global, we are facing not only local cases of misconduct but massive, economically-driven global problems of unsustainable human consumption, climate change, and resource use inefficiency, all of which directly or indirectly affect the marine ecosystem. Thanks to the centre’s strong dedication, we have reached a partnership with government and non-government agencies along with private corporations to secure partnerships and commitments which all boil down to the protection of marine biodiversity and habitat.

We look forward to a sustainable future with the centre being a helpful hand, expanding and partnering in endeavours done on behalf of the world’s marine biodiversity, especially with critically endangered animals and plants.