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Biodiversity links

On this page, you will find links to a wide variety of places. Further, we welcome new link ideas so please email us links that you feel would be suitable on this site.

Marine Biodiversity Links
General Biodiversity Links - Canada, Europe, United States, Other
Marine Conservation Links -
Canadian, International
Marine Data Links
Biodiversity Education Links
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Biodiversity Industry Links
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Marine Biodiversity Links


General Biodiversity Links



United States





Marine Data Links

  • St. Lawrence Observatory
  • Gulf of Maine Biogeographical Information System Website
  • ReefBase
  • Biology Browser
  • Canadian Integrated Taxanomic Information System
  • Marine Invertebrate Diversity Initiative (MIDI)
  • Annelid Research Taxonomy
  • Classification of Whales
  • Check list of European Marine Molluscs
  • Common Intertidal Invertebrates of Central California
  • Databases in Biodiversity
  • Elasmo World: Biological and Reference Database
  • The Expert Center for Taxanomic Identification
  • World Biodiversity Database
  • Marine Life Information Network for Britian and Ireland
  • Integrated Taxanomic Information Systems
  • Fish Larval Base
  • Marine Crustaceans of Southern Australia
  • Ocean Biogeographic Information System: Atlas of Marine Diversity
  • Gulf of Maine Environmental Information Exchange (GOMINFOEX)
  • Ransom Myers' Stock Recruitment Database: Canada
  • Species 2000: Indexing the World's Known Species
  • University of California, Berkley: Museum of Paleontology Taxa Lift
  • World Species List: Canada
  • World Species List: Marine
  • European Register of Marine Species
  • New OceanPortal
  • eseFDee Marine Science Portal
  • Pisco Marine Algae Database
  • Gulf of Maine Biogeographic Information System (GMBIS) Electronic Atlas - now web-hosted by the CMB.
  • Dynamic Atlas of the Gulf of Maine

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