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Links, photos and maps
Posters and identification guides
The CMB wishes to promote the description and celebration of biodiversity in the Northwest Atlantic. Use the Identification Keys and Guides tab to find links or documents on the identification of marine species in the Northwest Atlantic. Use the Posters tab to view our poster series celebrating marine biodiversity in all of its forms! Contributions to both intiatives are welcome. Please contact us if you have identification keys you would like to make more broadly available or have a poster you would like to develop.
Photo galleries
Here are photographs of marine life and habitat in Canada. Although most of the current pictures represent the east coast, we hope to build up albums for both the western and Arctic ocean environments. We welcome submissions of photographs to enhance our collection. If you have some pictures that you would like to donate or if you require information concerning the process, please email the CMB. Enjoy your tour of these environments.
CMB files
depository for files used on the CMB website
CMB Images
repository for CMB images.

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