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Interactive GIS Project

An interactive ArcReader GIS project that permits user to view and explore the data sets described in this report.
An interactive GIS image of the study area illustrating the locations of all the data plus some still images of the sea floor collected during the project has been created. For the most part, photographs have been grouped together in order to illustrate the general nature of the bottom in each area. Also, a short video clip of a transect across pockmark WAI can be viewed.
In order to explore this GIS project, the user must first download and install the free program ArcReader then download and install the data files as follows:
  1. Click to download the compressed project files. This is a very large file (189 MB) so several minutes will be required to download it.
  2. Decompress the ZIP file into a directory of choice preserving the sub-directory structure of the ZIP file.
  3. Double click the file Passamaquoddy.pmf in the directory of step 3 to start ArcReader.

John Hughes-Clarke, Ocean Mapping Group, University of New Brunswick provided the multibeam image data. David Fullerton, College of Geographic Sciences and Eric Patton. Geological Survey of Canada (Atlantic), created the interactive GIS product.

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