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Authoritative Notes

Canadian Register of Marine Species - Authoritative Notes

February 2010



The ARC to append/verify distribution notes for a given list of taxonomic names


The given EXCEL file contains x worksheets:

  • GivenList_backup
  • AuthoritativeNotes
  • Experts
  • NoteTypes
  • References


The format of the given AuthoritativeNotes worksheet is as follows

  • Given_Scientific name
  • Given_Authorship
  • Given_TSN
  • ExpertName
  • Note_Type
  • Note_Source
  • Note_SourcePage
  • Note_FullDescription
  • DefinedArea_NWA
    • DefinedArea_GoM
      • DefinedArea_GeorgesBank
      • DefinedArea_BoF
    • DefinedArea_GSL
    • DefinedArea_GrandBanks
    • DefinedArea_ScotianShelf
  • Note_SynonymName
  • Note_ARCSpecimenSampleid



Name of person appending the authoritative note

  • LVG
  • GP



Insert letter to indicate the type of note to follow.  There may be multiple notes for each scientific name and each is a separate record/row.  Simple insert new rows for each note.

Do not edit the original given row – this is shaded grey.

Initial note types include the following:

D         distribution

T          taxonomy


Append new note types as needed.  The objective of this contract is to append authoritative distribution records.  If additional information can be gathered with minimal extra effort then these notes should also be appended but as separate note_type records.  New note_types to be appended in the NOTES worksheet.

F          feeding strategy


Special Notes

A         Assume authorship is included and ‘correct’.  If not then append a new record.

SYN    note referring to an existing synonym

SPEC   indicate specimen in ARC museum collection

Com     common name of the taxon




Identifier to indicate which reference included the note. Full references to be included in the REFERENCE worksheet



If you have the page number then please include – makes it simplier to find the note if there are any questions.



Either enter a summary of what is in the reference book or – preferably – cut and paste the content from the reference book – and then if we need to include more ‘definedArea’ check boxes we do not need to go back to the original source.



Append new DefinedArea columns as needed

DistributionAreas may be ‘nested’. Example BoF in GoM in NWA


Definitions for these defined areas must exist.  Perhaps these are LME (large marine ecosystems); ecoregions; defined oceans/seas; etc



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