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Adding a new Plone server

Follow these instructions to create a new Zope/Plone server combination.

Log into the root account of the Linux system at

  • sudo su
  • cd /home/plone
  • ./createPloneSite $SITE $USER $PASSWORD
    • $SITE is the name of the site you're adding (e.g. "chone")
    • $USER is contact information about the site's owner/administrator (I use "name <email> phone")
    • $PASSWORD is used to initialize the subversion server so that the administrator will be able to checkout/commit changes to site specific code

Log in to the new account

  • sudo su -l plone-$SITE
  • edit $SITE.cfg
    • Add appropriate names for $SITE to the [filestorage*] sections
    • The current PORT-BASE is 20. 
    • Add 10 to the number above - and re-save this document! - and change port-base and zeo-address appropriately in the .cfg file.
  • if the site has any special code, check it out from subversion to the src/ directory.
  • bin/buildout -c $SITE.cfg
  • exit

Modify the apache config

RewriteRule ^/$SITE(.*) http://localhost:$PORT/VirtualHostBase/http/$SITEmount/VirtualHostRoot/$SITE$1 [L,P]

Return to the root account

  • /etc/init.d/httpd restart    # restart the apache server to pick up the change above
  • cp /etc/init.d/plone-nagisa /etc/init.d/plone-$SITE
    • change all 'nagisa' to $SITE
  • /sbin/chkconfig --add plone-$SITE

Log into the Zope server

  • Log into the Zope server at http://localhost:PORT/ where "PORT" is 12000+PORT-BASE as specified above.  You will need to do this either by running a browser client on, or by using an ssh tunnel to the machine.
  • Go to the Zope Management Interface, using the username "admin" and password "$PASSWORD"
  • Add a ZODB Mount Point (it's pre-configured, just check it and click on the "create..." button


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