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How to become a member

We welcome new members to the :: Centre for Marine Biodiversity ::. Membership in the CMB is open to those with an active involvement in scientific issues related to Marine Biodiversity and who concur with the mandate of the Society. The CMB does not fulfill an advocacy function.

At the January 12, 2001 meeting, a Membership Committee was established, who will receive nominations and subsequently forward this information to the Director for approval. This committee is composed of:

  • Kirsten Querbach
  • Ron O'Dor
  • Rob Stephenson
  • Kees Zwanenburg

If you are interested in becoming a member, please choose the appropriate category below and then email the CMB with your request. Thank you for your interest in the CMB!

There are four categories of Membership within the CMB:

1) Charter Members

Forty-three Charter members were invited to participate during the formative months of the Society and this category of membership is now closed.

2) Individual Members

Prospective members are welcome at anytime through nomination by a Charter member. If the Prospective member is not known personally to one of the Charter members than someone with similar research interests should be approached using the biographies listed on the website. Prospective members are asked to provide a short letter of introduction and a brief biography for inclusion in the web site. Nominations will be sent to the Membership Committee to formally elect the prospective member into the Society.

3) Student Members

Student members are particularly encouraged and are represented in the Charter membership. Students include those currently enrolled in an educational institution or someone under the age of 25 who may not be currently enrolled in a program but has intent to enroll within a year of soliciting membership.

4) Affiliated Organizations/Institutions/Enterprises

Organizations, including government bodies, museums, NGOs are invited to become affiliated members of the CMB. A representative of the organization should submit a short letter of introduction, and a brief description of their organization highlighting both the objects of their organization and their interest in the CMB directly to a member of the Membership Committee or the Director. Nominations will be sent to the Membership Committee to formally elect the organization as an affiliate of the Society. This information will be used to post on the web site. Individuals of the organizations should apply for Individual Member status through the above listed process.

Membership entails the right to determine the direction of the CMB and to participate in all CMB functions. The CMB also provides a forum for research partnerships and collaborations. An annual report will be produced and circulated to all members.

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