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Advisory board

The members of the advisory board are responsible for meeting the broader objectives of the CMB, while scientific participants must be committed to conducting research in support of the activities of the Centre.

The administrative arm of the CMB is led by an advisory board with members from a variety of backgrounds. The advisory board thus far consists of an international group of people with extremely diverse expertise including representatives from the program of the Human Environment at the Rockefeller Center, Dalhousie University in the Department of Biology, Fisheries and Oceans Canada in Dartmouth, NS, World Wildlife Fund of Canada as well as the Director of Aquaculture for the province of Nova Scotia. The diversity of this group is paramount, as marine biodiversity is an international issue as well as multidisciplinary in nature. Please use the list below to learn more about the advisory board.

Terms of Reference for the Advisory Board

  • Role of the Advisory Board
    • to provide advice to the CMB on the vision, priorities and direction of our science programs and on ways of strengthening the delivery of our programs and the quality of our science;
    • to provide advice on partnerships, capacity building, networking, and the relevance of the work to conservation objectives;
    • to enhance the credibility of the CMB and act as advocates on our behalf;
    • to assist in securing funds (cash and in-kind) for CMB activities on biodiversity.
  • Membership and Term
    • the Advisory Board should be composed of 5 to 10 members drawn from a cross section of society with direct interest in biodiversity issues including but not restricted to representatives from International/National/Local NGOs, Federal/Provincial Government, University, Fishing Industry, First Nations, Museums, Aquaculture Industry and the Petroleum/Gas Industry;
    • the Executive Director is considered an ex officio member of the Advisory Board;
    • membership on the Advisory Board is for a three year renewable term beginning and ending with the Annual General Meeting;
    • appointments to the Advisory Board will be staggered in time to ensure continuity
    • the CMB, with input from the Chair of the Advisory Board, will review membership of the board on an annual basis and make changes as required. 

  • Procedures, Expenditures and Reporting
    • the Advisory Board will select its own Chairperson and develop working procedures including an annual meeting with the CMB, with use of teleconferencing as needed;
    • periodically, the Chairperson will meet with the Executive Director of the CMB to report on progress or receive information from the Advisory Board;
    • the office of the Director of Bedford Institute of Oceanography will provide a budget to support the activities of the Board which will cover some costs of meetings or communications work, the travel expenses of the distant members to the annual meeting, extra travel costs incurred by the Chair, and incidental expenses.


Members of Advisory Board


Members' Terms

Term ending January, 2010:

Mike Sinclair (BIO) Interim Chair
Jesse Ausubel (Sloan Foundation)
Peter Lawton (Director CMB)

Term ending December, 2010:

Frances Westley (UWaterloo)

Term ending December, 2008:

Kimberley Paul (UNSI)
Robert Rangeley (WWF)
Rob North (CBC)

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