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What we do

The mandate of the Centre is to provide a focus for structuring independent research efforts toward an overall synthesis of information on marine biodiversity.

Scientists working under the auspices of the CMB will undertake leading-edge research in fisheries, marine ecology, physical oceanography and related sciences, which, when combined with other CMB projects, will contribute to an overall ecosystem approach to fisheries management and biodiversity issues.


  • Establishment of Interim Director and Assistant
  • Establishment of CMB Office in the Argo Building, BIO
  • Establishment of an Advisory Board with ToR
  • Establishment of a Senior Chair in Fisheries Resource Conservation Genetics at Dalhousie
  • Complimentary Tier II Canada Chair appointment through MOU
  • Visit of the Minister of Fisheries and Oceans to RCBG
  • ESRF proposal for postdoctoral fellow and 2 graduate students to work on deep sea corals
  • Sloan data visualization project (GMBIS)
  • Evaluation of SARA proposals
  • ADM Oceans Environmental Science Program (2 proposals)
  • Incorporation of Live-Gene Banks "Biodiversity Centres"
  • Environmental Science Research Fund Proposal


  • Establishment of research priorities for biodiversity issues in the Northwest Atlantic
  • Seeking of both internal and external funds to support research priorities
  • Co-ordination of biodiversity research
  • Synthesis of knowledge in support of biodiversity
  • Related ecosystem objectives for integrated oceans management issues
  • Contribution to new governance structures required for integrated oceans management
  • Contribution to Canada's National Programme of Action for CBD
  • Data monitoring and integration
  • Establishment of a public lecture series on biodiversity issues
  • Co-ordinated strengthening of regional biodiversity expertise through Canada Research Chair positions and filling of new government positions.
  • Public outreach on marine biodiversity through the Atlantic Biodiversity Essay Contest.

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