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Dr. Thomas J. Trott

Education: Ph.D., 1989, Boston University

Positions held

  • Assistant Professor of Biology (1989-present), Suffolk University , Boston , Massachusetts
  • Research Associate (1990-present), R.S. Friedman Field Station of Suffolk University, Edmunds , Maine

Dr. Tom Trott is a benthic ecologist whose current research interests include intertidal community ecology of rocky shores and how e co system dynamics influen ce invertebrate populations over time. Within the greater realm of historical ecology, his development of protocols for monitoring biodiversity is key for assessing species persistence and measuring change in community structure. His more global approach to historical ecology for detecting changes in animal distributions uses published collection records and museum collections to study the biogeography of benthic invertebrates. He works with an international assemblage of taxonomists and systematists in an effort to integrate biogeography, historical ecology, and phylogeography. Projects that Dr. Trott is now involved with are monitoring community structure of rocky intertidal co mmunities in the Gulf of Maine and the biogeography of North Atlantic benthic invertebrates. He teaches a variety of undergraduate courses ranging from general biology to e co logy bo th on the Boston and R.S. Friedman Field Station campuses of Suffolk University.

Key Words : community ecology, biogeography, biodiversity, historical ecology, invertebrates, benthos

For more information, please email Tom Trott or co ntact him at the address below.

Thomas J. Trott, Assistant Professor
Department of Biology
Suffolk University
Boston , Massachusetts 02114
Phone: 617-305-1968
Fax: 617-573-8245

Research Associate
Friedman Field Station
27 Suffolk Drive
Edmunds TWP, Maine 04628-5525
Phone: (207) 726-4749
Fax: (207) 726-5835

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