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Mr. Shawn Meredyk

B.Sc EET, B.Sc. H. Mar. Biol., M.Sc candidate at UNBF, Studying Invasive Aquatic Viruses through CAISN

Mr. Meredyk received his B.Sc. in Electronic Engineering Technology from the DeVry Institute of Technology  in 1999 and he will graduate in December, 2007 with another B.Sc. in Marine Biology, from University of New Brunswick, Saint John. He joined Schlumberger / WesternGeco in 1999 and has worked several years in West Africa on deep sea seismic oil/gas exploration vessels and a couple more years in Kazakhstan (shallow water marine seismic). He has recently been an intern at MBARI in Monterey Bay, CA; where he worked on the ESP which is an underwater robotic molecular biology lab; and also volunteered at the BBFS in the Bahamas where he was involved in several behavioural studies on Lemon, Tiger and nurse sharks.

Specialty areas include Bioacoustics, Elasmobranch and Jellyfish control systems and Ecotoxicology of marine mammals, elasmobranches and invertebrates.

He has been a member of the UNBSJ Biology for two years, World Wildlife Federation, Greenpeace / Ocean Defenders, American Elasmobranch Society, ReefBase, and

His current research interests are: Osedax sp. (whale bone eating worms - deep sea); Ecotoxicology of elasmobranches, jellies, marine mammals and tunicates; deep-sea microbial communities (fungi) and Harmful Algal Blooms

Key words:

Bioacoustics, Invertebrates, Osedax sp., Ecotoxicology, Tunicates, Benthic Habitat

For more information, please email Shawn Meredyk or contact him at the following address.

843 York St.
Fredericton, NB
E3B 3R9


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