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Daniel Ricard (Ph.D. Student, Dalhousie University)

My academic background includes a combined honours in biology and oceanography from the University of British Columbia and a Masters in Resource Management from Simon Fraser University. My honours project dealt with the thermal structure of Hecate Strait and my Masters thesis applied a genetic algorithm to calibrate a food-web bioaccumulation model of contaminants in Lake Ontario. I then had a 6-month placement as an information system designer for an NGO in Central America. Subsequently, I worked for the Marine Division of Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) in Australia as a quantitative fisheries stock assessment modeller.

For my Ph.D. project I am investigating spatially and temporally explicit models to evaluate the effects of large-scale fisheries closures on marine animal populations. The use of large-scale time-area closures has been used as a conservation measure to rebuild depleted stocks. My project looks at the ecological aspects of such closures and aims at developing a framework to guide their design, implementation and evaluation.

For further information, please email Dan.

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