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Mrs. Rajashree Gouda (Graduate Student)

My current research focuses on the culture of a taxonomical diverse group of eukaryotic algae (Prasinophyceae, Prymnesiophyceae and Bacillariophyceae) available locally around Nova Scotia. Throughout the year these organisms can be used as potential feed for marine invertebrate larvae, spat and broodstock. My aim is to determine the best feed available locally for scallop larvae. Prior to commencing my present research, I worked in the Biological Oceanography (remote sensing of ocean colour) group at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography on remotely sensed data from the Northen Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal. This, in addition to work at Berhampur university, Orissa, India was the basis for my PhD degree in phytoplankton ecology of an estuarine system in east coast of India. I had the opportunity to work in the BASYS project in Baltic Sea Research Institute, Germany while taking an advanced training on the protection and utilisation of ocean.

For more information please email Rajashree or contact her at the address below.

Department of Fisheries & Oceans
Bedford Institute of Oceanography
1 Challenger Drive
P.O. Box 1006
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
B2Y 4A2
Phone: 902-426-1700
Fax : 902-426-1862

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