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Dr. Pål B. Mortensen (Marine Benthic Ecologist)

Pål B. Mortensen is a visiting research fellow (funded trough NSERC) at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography. Dr. Mortensen obtained his degrees (M.Sc. in 1992, and Ph.D in 2000) in Marine Biology from the Department of Fisheries and Marine Biology at the University of Bergen, Norway. He conducts a research program on deep-water coral ecosystems in Atlantic Canada (funded by ESRF, and the NSERC).

The ongoing study cover the following main topics:

  • Spatial distribution of corals
  • Structure of coral aggregations (gorgonian fields, reefs etc.)
  • Diversity and distribution of associated fauna
  • Biology and ecological significance of common corals

His former research activities includes:

  • Ecology of seaweed and kelp communities in Northern Norway
  • Distribution and ecology of Lophelia pertusa coral reefs and associated fauna along the Norwegian coast
  • Lophelia pertusa coral reefs as environmental archives
  • Mapping of benthos on and along pipelines

Key Words: corals, benthos, marine ecology

For more information, please email Pål B. Mortensen, or contact him at the address below.

Dr. Pål B. Mortensen
Marine Environmental Sciences Division
Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Bedford Institute of Oceanography
PO Box 1006, 1 Challenger Drive, Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4A2,
Phone: (902)-426-9917
Fax: (902)-426-6695

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