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Mr. Mike Strong

I graduated from Mount Allison in 1975 with a BSc in Biology, and worked as a summer student at Bedford Institute and the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in 1974 and 1975 respectively. In 1976, I began working for the Marine Fish Division (DFO) at the Biological Station in St Andrews. Over the years I have worked with many MFD programs including marine fish age and growth determination and methodology, various finfish stock assessment projects, marine fish surveys, SCANMAR acoustic otter trawl mensuration, grey seal population dynamics, harbour porpoise by-catch remediation, and Oracle database development and management. Notable contributions in the period from 1976 to 1997 include the development of a high speed sectioning saw for groundfish otolith preparartion, development of the groundfish surveys edit system (GSE) for RDMS data capture to Oracle on survey vessels, implementation of acoustic pingers to significantly lower porpoise by-catch in the Bay of Fundy gillnet fishery, and the design and establishment of the MFD Oracle groundfish survey database that is still in use today. In terms of field work, I participated in over 80 marine fish surveys (groundfish, plankton, acoustic, harbour porpoise, hydrographic and finfish tagging ), and 7 winter field seasons on Sable Island working on Grey Seal population dynamics. Of many publications, my report on finfish biodiversity in Scotia-Fundy (1995) is perhaps the first documented glimpse of marine fish diversity in our region.

Since 1997, I have worked for the Invertebrate fisheries division for the Gulf of Maine Crustacean Research Section. My roles with this group has been primarily as an Oracle database developer and manager, and data visualization (GIS) expert. My initial role with the division was to migrate all data to Oracle, and then rewrite all the Fortran code to SQL prior to Y2K . Since then I have been heavily involved with the development of a geo-referenced remote camera system for mapping coastal benthic habitat that has been dubbed URCHIN (underwater reconnaissance and coastal habitat inventory) and associated relational image database. This work is largely complete and will be published in 2004. My next research focus is to be addressing coastal benthic ecology issues as related to traditional harvest fisheries and aquaculture development. In terms of field work, I contribite to the IFD as sea going personnel and as a research diver.
On a personal basis, I am a marine naturalist and photographer. I have been diving (with my wife Maria-Ines Buzeta) for 30 years, mainly in the Bay of Fundy, but also at many sites in the Carribean. In those years we have photographed many of the species making up the diverse communities and seascapes that are found in the Quoddy Region. In support of creating an awareness of regional marine habitats, we donate our imagery to many organizations that promote marine conservation and education. Our website is: I am also on the board of directors of the Greens Point Light Association in L’Etete N.B. which features a marine and coastal interpretive centre and a salt water aquarium to promote marine education in the community.

The GPLA website is:

For more information, please contact Mike at the following address:

Mike Strong
Invertebrate Fisheries Division
Gulf of Maine Crustacean Fisheries Section
531 Brandy Cove Road
St Andrews N.B.
E5B 2L9
506 529 5939

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