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old Pockmarks papers

A short description of the study objectives
Pockmark Geometry and Nomenclature
A description of how the pockmarks were named and how their three-dimensional shapes were quantified.
Towcam Survey System
A description of the system used to collect video and still imagery of the pockmarks.
Interactive GIS Project
An interactive ArcReader GIS project that permits user to view and explore the data sets described in this report.
Results and Conclusions
Appendix. U/W Photographs and Video Bitmaps Image Area Calculation
Pockmarks influence benthic communities in Passamaquoddy Bay, Canada
MEPS paper
File Pock Geometry Table
Location and geometry of the pockmarks studied
File Grab Sample Positions Table
Excel table of grab sample positions
File Species vs Abundance Table
Excel table of species vs. abundance data
Image Fig. 1
Map of Passamaquoddy Bay Area
Image Fig. 2
Pockmark areas in Passamaquoddy Bay
Image Fig. 3 (Low Res)
Low resolution multibeam image of Passamaquoddy Bay pockmark fields
File Fig. 3 (High Res)
High resolution multibeam image of Passamaquoddy Bay
Image Fig. 4
Towcam system schematic
Image Fig. 5
Towcam picture
Image Fig. 6
Towcam launch
Image Fig. 7
Lab setup on M/V Dominion Victory
Image Fig. 8
Grab sampling on Pandalus
Image Fig. 9
Towcam image area schematic
File MEPS Paper
Final version of paper as it appeared in Marine Ecology Progress Series, Vol. 357, pp. 51-66, April, 2008
File Sample Towcam Video
Lower quality clip from the larger video file 141300.avi included in the GIS project file Passamaquoddy.ZIP
Grab Sampling and Analysis
A description of how the pockmarks were sampled and the results of the species identification.

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