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Compilation of Research in the Gulf of Maine Biodiversity Discovery Corridor


The Gulf of Maine Biodiversity Discovery Corridor (DC) is a swath of ocean and underlying seafloor extending from shore to deep sea and chosen to focus regional biodiversity investigations. The DC is an initiative of many partners under the umbrella of the Centre for Marine Biodiversity.

This presentation details the 2004-05 internship project of Erin Herder, Atlantic Reference Centre , to compile historic research in DC waters. The purpose of the compilation was to highlight gaps in taxonomic and geographic knowledge of biodiversity in the DC toward guiding future research.

Research was compiled through a review of the paper and electronic scientific literature. The web site for Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts was queried using combinations of 30 biological/ecological keywords and 120 DC localities, and 1172 taxonomic family names. Physical oceanographic research was not surveyed directly, however, references were compiled on 62 physical parameters and processes examine during biological studies. Information from the resulting 1679 research articles was synthesized and analyzed in a number of ways using Excel Worksheets. Detailed methods and interpretation of results are presented in Background .

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