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Ms. Lenore Bajona

Lenore received her BSc (Advanced Major Computer Science, Math minor) from Dalhousie University. Through Dalhousie' Science Co-op Program worked at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography (BIO) for three terms between May 1992 and Sept. 1994 as junior programmer with Physical and Chemical Sciences Group, Ocean Science Division (OSD). Returning full time to BIO Nov. 1995 as Informatics Analyst, Informatics Branch, Corporate Services, providing computer programming and system analyses for various departments within Science and Corporate Services Branches.  The Applications Services Division, Informatics Branch, Maritimes Region was reobsorbed by Science Branch April 2004.

Special assignments (from Science Software Services, Ocean Science Division) with Population Ecology Division, Science Branch have included: OBIS Canada Administration (2005 to 2007) - working on Ocean Biodiversity Informatics, providing technical and information management support for OBIS Canada and Centre for Marine Biodiversity including Taxonomic Standardization and Enrichment; and Virtual Data Centre Administration (2009 to 2010) - The VDC was developed (PL/SQL, Java, HTML) within Maritimes Region to aid Science staff in accessing and analyzing various datasets over the Intranet. Many tools and products have been developed and the VDC is now a nationally supported, utilized tool that allows data retrieval, analysis and documentation of diverse and disparate DFO Science data sets through a single web-based system. Data products are produced on demand directly from Oracle datasets (from database servers in any/all regions), including a wide range of maps, graphs, reports, spreadsheets, images and movies. 

Bewteen special assignments, Acting Team Lead, Data Services, Ocean Data and Information Services Section (2008 to 2009) - Data Services operations entail processing, archival and dissemination of physical oceanographic field data from all DFO Maritimes deployed instruments.  Data types consist of currents (speed/direction), temperature, conductivity, oxygen, fluorescence, location, depth, time/date and associated derived data in a mixture of units, from various instruments moored, profile, moving vessel profile, casts, vessel mounted including Seabird CTD, RDI ADCP, Minilog, Microcat and Seacat, Aanderaa RCMs, XBTs.  Archives consist of ASCII files, MS Access databases and Oracle databases with processing, quality control and management using Matlab, MS Access, Oracle SMS Client Server applications and Oracle SQL/SQL Loader under UNIX and/or Windows environments.

Currently on leave from DFO, working on the Ocean Tracking Network project at Dalhousie University (June 2010 to present) - The Ocean Tracking Network (OTN), headquartered at Dalhousie University, unites the finest marine scientists in the world in the most comprehensive and revolutionary examination of marine life and ocean conditions ever conceived.  Providing Configuration and Change Management as part of the Data Managment Team for this initiative.

Portal Manager, Ocean Tracking Network Data Centre
Email: Lenore.Bajona@Dal.Ca

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