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Mr. Kees Zwanenburg

Mr. Zwanenburg has been working in the field of marine fish resource assessments since 1980 and has published some 40 papers on this subject. Most recently he led the first comprehensive review of the long-term biological and physical changes of the Scotian Shelf (Zwanenburg et al. in press) showing how environmental and anthropogenic factors have affected the geographic distribution, size structure, and trophic relationships of marine fish and invertebrates. An analysis of Canadian and US trawl survey data collected between 1970 and 1994 (Cape Haterras NC to Cape Chidley Labrador) significantly advanced our understanding of the large scale and long-term distribution and dynamics of demersal fishes along the east coast of North America (Mahon et al 1998). He was a corresponding member of the SCOR working group on the "Ecosystem effects of Fishing" and worked with an international team to produce a global overview of the impacts of fishing on fish communities (Bianchi et al., 2000; Zwanenburg 2000). He is currently a member of the SCOR working group 119 on Quantitative Ecosystem Indicators. Mr. Zwanenburg was involved in the development of the Living Marine Resources module of the Global Ocean Observation System, and is currently preparing a workshop on Canadian Marine Biodiversity co-funded by DFO and the Sloan Foundation's Census of Marine Life.

Key Words: fisheries, size structure, trophic relationships, invertebrates, anthropogenic impacts

For more information, please email Kees Zwanenburg or contact him at the address below.

Marine Fish Division
Bedford Institute of Oceanography
1 Challenger Drive
Dartmouth, NS
Canada, B2Y 4A2

Phone: (902) 426 - 3310
Fax: (902) 426 -1506

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