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Dr. Irena Kaczmarska (plankton ecology, evolution and systematics)

She joined Mount Allison University in 1985, after several years of international postdoctoral training and collaboration at institutions including Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory, Brigham Young University , Texas A&M, Laboratoire des Diatomees, E. N. S. de Fontenay, Paris and University of Waterloo . Her research experience spans from diatom paleo-ecology and biostratigraphy to extant phytoplankton ecology and evolution . Recently she is most active in the fields of reproductive biology of coastal diatoms, diatom evolution and the concept of species in microorganisms. At times other groups of photoautotrophs or their interactions with other microbes (e.g., epibiotic bacteria) are also of interest when specific needs arise.

In the field of biodiversity she is most interested in eukaryotic picoplankton. Very few such organisms have been rigorously investigated in the bay of Fundy, and three such taxa are attached below; one picoplantonic diatom ( Minidiscus chilensis ) and two members of a poorly known group associated with chrysophytes called Parmales. Two taxa illustrated are Triparma columacea and Triparma cf. strigata .

Key words: diatoms, ecology, evolution, reproduction, parmales, harmful algae, bacterial interactions, cryptic species, picoplankton and invasive genomes.

For more information, please email: , visit her website: or contact her at the address below:

Dr. Irena Kaczmarska-Ehrman
Department of Biology
Mount Allison University
63B York Street , Sackville
E4L 1G7, New Brunswick , Canada
Telephone: (506) 365-2510
Fax: (506) 364-2505

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