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Dr. Gerhard W. Pohle


Ph.D., 1982, University of Toronto

Positions held

  • Acting Executive Director, Huntsman Marine Science Centre (2004 - 2005), St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada
  • Associate Director, Huntsman Marine Science Centre (2002-present)
  • Curator of Invertebrates & Senior Applied Projects Scientist (1984 - present), Atlantic Reference Centre (ARC), Huntsman Marine Science Centre (HMSC)
  • Adjunct Professor (1995 - present), University of New Brunswick

Responsibilities and experience

Gerhard Pohle conducts basic grant-supported research on biodiversity and evolutionary relationships of Crustacea. His applied research is in the area of environmental impact assessments via analysis of benthic community structure and environmental parameters; and development and implementation of marine biodiversity monitoring protocols; and development of on-line species information systems. He has 25 years of taxonomic experience with most marine and estuarine invertebrates, including curation of the Atlantic Reference Centre (ARC) invertebrate collection and development of identification manuals. He partakes in the training of highly qualified personnel (technicians, graduate students, postdoctoral fellow), and supervises technical staff at the systematic laboratory and is active in the procurement of contracts from government and industry to support staff at the ARC and Huntsman Marine Science Centre. Furthermore, Gerhard leads and participates in marine research, survey cruises and is involved in ROV-based research and monitoring.

Keywords: ecology, evolution, systematics, taxonomy, environmental impact, biodiversity, Crustacea, invertebrates, benthos, aquaculture

For more information, please email Gerhard Pohle or contact him at the address below.

Gerhard Pohle
Associate Director (HMSC)
Curator of Invertebrates & Senior Applied Projects Scientist (ARC)
Adjunct Professor, University of New Brunswick
Atlantic Reference Centre
Huntsman Marine Science Centre
1 Lower Campus Road
St. Andrews, N.B., E5B 2L7
Tel.: (506) 529-1203
Fax: (506) 529-1212

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