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Dr. Gareth Harding (Research Scientist)

I completed my undergraduate degree at McGill University in Montreal in 1964, while working as a summer student in the western Arctic with what is now the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO). I became quite involved in the diversity of invertebrates in our trawls and set about preserving and identifying them. My Master's degree involved research on the biogeography of planktonic organisms of the Arctic Ocean and the water masses of Arctic, Atlantic and Pacific origins (1966 at McGill Univ.). Firmly established in planktonic studies, I moved to Dalhousie University in Halifax where I completed an ecological study on zooplankton in the North Atlantic as a part of Gordon Riley's deep-sea group. Slow to finish my Ph.D., I took a job with Environment Canada to study the environmental effects of organic loading and damning on the St. John River ecosystem in New Brunswick. Finishing my thesis during evenings by 1972, I accepted at job at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography with the Fisheries Research Board (now DFO), where I have resided ever since. Research has included studies on the biomagnification of organochlorine compounds in the southern Gulf of St. Lawrence, on the St. Georges Bay ecosystem, biogeographical studies on the Labrador shelf, on vertical migration behaviour of planktonic organisms and larval lobster. I have worked for decades on understanding the recruitment process in American lobsters and the causes of their population oscillations. Furthermore, I have taken part in the joint US-Canada mussel watch programme in the Gulf of Maine. Most recently I have been involved in investigations into the biomagnification of methylmercury in the Bay of Fundy ecosystem.

Key words: plankton, biomagnification, organochlorines, lobster

For more information, please email Gareth Harding or contact him at the address below.

Dept. of Fisheries & Oceans
Bedford Institute of Oceanography
Marine Environmental Science Division
1 Challenger Drive
Dartmouth, NS, B2Y 4A2

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