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Dr. Erica J.H. Head (Biological Oceanographer)

Research activities in the GLOBEC-Canada program

One of the main goals of the GLOBEC program is to understand the linkages between zooplankton and fisheries and how they vary with changes in physical forcings (e.g. due to climate change). Dr. Head has been studying the distribution of zooplankton in the Labrador Sea and on the Scotian Shelf. In both areas the most important copepod in terms of numbers and biomass is Calanus finmarchicus, a species whose offspring are important food sources for groundfish larvae. Dr. Head's work has suggested that in both areas, the springtime source for the spawning areas on the shelves are the adjacent deep waters, where C. finmarchicus overwinter at depths of >500 m.

Research in biodiversity

Dr. Head is a co-author on a proposal which has recently been submitted to the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO) for funding in April 2001. Her aim is to examine zooplankton species assemblages at stations over the Scotian Shelf in spring and fall, using indices of similarity and diversity. The long-term aim will be to design a way to incorporate diversity considerations into the ongoing DFO Atlantic Zone Monitoring Programme.

Key Words: zooplankton, Calanus, Scotian Shelf, Labrador Sea, HPLC, phytoplankton pigment analysis

For further inquiries, please email Erica Head or contact her at the address below.

Research Scientist
Dept. Fisheries and Oceans
Ocean Sciences Division
Bedford Institute of Oceanography
PO Box 1006
Dartmouth, NS, B2Y 4A2
Telephone: 426-2317
Phone: (902) 426-9388

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