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Dr. David Garbary

David J. Garbary is a Professor of Biology at St. Francis Xavier University and Director of the University Herbarium. He obtained B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees at Acadia University and a Ph.D. from Liverpool University. Following positions as a Research Associate and NSERC University Research Fellow at the University of British Columbia, he returned to Nova Scotia to take up a faculty position at St. Francis Xavier Primary research interests have focused on the biology of marine, macroscopic red, brown and green algae. Previous work has used a diversity of algal species and groups for studies on taxonomy, cell biology, development, biogeography and ecology. Recent research projects have involved studies of: 1) a symbiosis between kelp and red algae, 2) symbioses between Ascophyllum and its epiphytic algae (Vertebrata lanosa, Elachista fucicola), endophytic fungus (Mycophycias ascophylli) and an epiphytic insect (Halocladius variabilis), 3) ecology of the invasive green alga, Codium fragile, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and 4) collapse of estuarine populations of Zostera marina in the Northumberland Strait.

Key Words: taxonomy, phycology, benthic and intertidal ecology, invasive seaweeds, seaweed symbioses

For more information, please email David Garbary, visit his website or contact him at the address below:

Department of Biology
St. Francis Xavier University
Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Canada, B2G 2W5
Telephone: (902) 867-2164
Fax: (902) 867-2389

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