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Mr. Bob O'Boyle (population ecologist)

Mr. O'Boyle received his B Sc. and M Sc. from McGill and Guelph University in 1972 and 1975 respectively. He joined the Department of Fisheries and Oceans at the Bedford Institute of Oceanography in 1978 as a stock assessment biologist. Since then, he has conducted assessments on most of the Maritime region's fish resources, including herring, capelin, cod, haddock, pollock, the flatfishes, and more recently, the sharks. In his early years at the Marine Fish Division (MFD), Mr. O'Boyle was responsible for the Scotian Shelf Ichthyoplankton Program, the Biomathematics and Computer Section, and the Population Dynamics Section. In 1987, Mr. O'Boyle became Chief of the MFD. As such, he directed MFD's research programs and assessment-related activities which served as the technical basis for the management of the region's finfish and marine mammal resources. He remained in that position until 1996, at which time he became coordinator of the Regional Advisory Process (RAP), being responsible for the peer review of the science and advice on the Maritimes Region's finfish, invertebrate and marine mammal resources, on its ocean and habitat management, and on its ocean management practices and approaches. He has been the Associate Director of DFO Maritimes Science since 2000, being responsible for the RAP Coordination, BIO Outreach and various other science-related activities. His current research interests have been the pursuit of Ecosystem-Based Management policies and implementation.

Key words: stock assessment, herring, capelin, cod, haddock, pollock, flatfish, sharks

For further information, please email Bob O'Boyle or contact him at the address below.

Office of the Regional Advisory Process
Bedford Institute of Oceanography
PO Box 1006 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Office: (902) 426 - 3526
Fax: (902) 426 - 5435

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