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Ms. Ashley Birch (Graduate Student)

I am currently an MSc. Biology student at the University of New Brunswick , St. John. I graduated with my BSc. in Marine and Freshwater Biology from the University of Guelph in 2003. Upon the completion of my BSc., I was awarded an internship at the Atlantic Reference Centre in St. Andrews , New Brunswick , which focused on the benthic invertebrates of Grand Manan Basin . I was introduced to field collection and laboratory processing of samples, as well as the compilation of metadata.

I am currently studying the benthic invertebrate community structure of Jordan Basin within the Gulf of Maine . I am working at filling a gap in knowledge by studying the benthic infauna and epifauna of some of the deeper waters (> 200m) within the Discovery Corridor. I was fortunate enough to collect videograb samples from Jordan Basin aboard the CCGS Hudson in June 2005, with the help of many DFO and CMB members. My thesis will focus on i) the uniformity of community structure within each of the stations of Jordan Basin, ii) the uniformity of community structure between the stations of Jordan Basin, and iii) possibly compare these findings to my previous work on the Grand Manan Basin samples.

For more information Please contact Ashley at the address below:

Ashley Birch
Graduate Student
Atlantic Reference Centre
Huntsman Marine Science Centre
1 Lower Campus Road
St. Andrews , N.B. , E5B 2L7
Tel.: (506) 529-1213
Fax: (506) 529-1212

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