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ORAL - Clement

'The Image Archive a Data solution'; Pierre Clement - Canada

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Oct 02, 2007
from 11:00 AM to 11:15 AM

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Imaging has been, and continues to be, a key method in investigating ocean related phenomena. Still images have been collected for since the 1920s and with the advent of new, less expensive, digital technologies video imagery has become a very important source of research data. Images are collected and processed for a variety of research interests including, aquaculture interactions, stock assessment, animal production indices, undersea surface geology and benthic community structure, species identification, behaviour studies (eg. Right Whale, mussel feeding), fish aging (otoliths and scales), invertebrate behaviour, the oxic state of coastal sediments, etc. New discoveries like deep sea corals and a desire for non-invasive means of assessments, suggest that the reliance on images will only increase. A systematic infrastructure is essential to move forward in the scientific interpretation of these images. Fundamentally all these data have both temporal and spatial components. Acquiring and preserving the metadata and integrating these data into a storage system, with "quick" retrieval, are key to their use by present and future investigators. This presentation will describe a pilot project to develop standard collection practices and implement a web accessible archive to manage and retrieve images collected in the field.

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